Hi there, we hope you are enjoying this page so far. We wanted to update you a little bit on what is going on and what you can expect from us in the future.

As you may know our original plan was to leave Switzerland Spring 2017 and start our big journey around the world. But while we were planing in this direction we found out that there is no visa for Top to be able to travel in Europe and also come back to Switzerland once in awhile or in case of emergency, or even just once we are ready to return to Switzerland. Top is in Switzerland since fall 2012, he has been studying, looking for a job and working since almost 5 years here in Switzerland. So when we were trying to find out what visa options we got, they told us that in fall 2017 Top would possibly be able to obtain a C- residence permit early if he speaks one of the national languages ( which he is working on). That sounded really good to us, but while we were in contact with Basel Migrationoffice they mentioned that the 6 month that Top was under a short term L-permit (short term permit) will not be considered in the calculation, which would suggest a possible date to obtain a C-permit only in May-2018. We found cases online of people in other cantons where the canton accepted also the times that foreigners were under a L-Permit, as the decision if someone get’s a L or a B permit is done by the canton according to their yearly contingent. Top had a permanent contract at that time, so he should have gotten a B-permit (residence permit, limited but renewable), but the canton did not see it necessary  to give him one. But Basel said they will for sure not consider those 6 months. Long story short, Top will be able to receive a C-Permit in May-2018. That is why we decided heavy hearted to postpone our travel plans by 1 year.

Don’t worry, there will still be travel content in 2017 as I (Tabea) anyway already quit my job (yay) and flat, and I will be traveling for a couple months. In summer we also plan a trip together that we will document for sure.

Due to me quitting my job I will have much more time to work on blogging, shooting and cutting videos and all the other things I wanted to do. I am very excited about that.


Where will we live during this time?

As mentioned above, Tabea will leave her flat by the end of February-2017. Top’s shared flat will also be torn down in November, so we had to find a place to stay during those 10 months. Renting a flat in Lausanne is not that easy, it is hard to get one in the first place and they are very expensive for very little room. We would not be able to find something like Tabea had in Basel for the same price. Tabea’s flat 1.5 rooms, 38m2 was 820 CHF a month.

In Lausanne you would easily pay more than 1000CHF for the same or worse/smaller. So we started looking into second hand camper cars. Tabea grew up with caravan vacations and always really enjoyed it. Top always wanted to stay in a camper or a van, so there we had the chance. We found a really cool older Fiat Ducato online and we are now in the process of buying it. We will stay on the Campground in Lausanne, very near to the University EPFL and with direct access to the lake. We are very excited for this small adventure, having our own small shell to live in. Yes winter will be cold, but we just dress warm, bring our winter sleeping bags and heat.
Bureaucracy and paperwork can be very annoying and tiring, but nevertheless we are very happy with our situation and to be able to plan a trip like that. We promised each other, that we will do it, even if we have to wait 1 year.


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New start date of the big Journey: Spring 2018

Upcoming travels in 2017: Japan, Thailand, Scandinavia or Scotland


We wish you all the best for 2017 🙂

Top & Tabea

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