Over a longer weekend from August 6- August 9 we went on a Trip with our good friends Em & Natt. We planned to go wild camping for at least one night and stay on campgrounds the two other nights. When I did the research to find a nice spot to hike up and stay overnight I also talked to my working colleague Marco Colombi. He loves the mountains and knows many good spots/hikes. I told him, that we were planning to go direction Interlaken, Brienz, Wengen Canton Bern. He told me about a hike he and his wife just did recently, it sounded really nice, he also said, that we would for sure be able to find a good camping spot up there.

So I decided to follow his suggestion. The weather forecast looked really good for Saturday- Monday. ( Always important to check, when you plan a Trip like that.)

On Saturday we left Basel at around 9:30 we drove over Bern to Lauterbrunnen. In Lauterbrunnen we had to do some emergency shopping for a sleeping bag for Top, because he forgot the one he just bought the same morning in Basel ;-). After successfully buying a new sleeping bag we bought some lunch at Coop and then waited for the Post Auto (Bus). This Post Auto only drives up/down about every 2 hours, so plan carefully. We took the ride at 13:35.

The ride with the Post Auto takes about 15 minutes and part of the ride goes through at 1.2km long turning tunnel. The whole way is on a very narrow road, so if a car is coming from the other direction, one has to back off and find a wider spot to wait while the other one is passing. That’s why I would only suggest this road to a little bit more experienced mountain road drivers.

Once we arrived in Isenfluh Dorf, we walked to the small cable car that will bring us up about 500 height meters to Sulwald.

Check out their website for times and prices:


From Sulwald we started our hike. The hike is only about 3km long but it goes up 425 height meters, so it usually takes about 1.5- 2 hours. But we were hiking with big backpacks and not all of us have hiked like that before so we knew it will take us longer, but we did not have any time pressure.

IMG_3850 IMG_3852 IMG_3851

It was a nice hike but quite challenging with 10-15kg on our backs. We were very happy once we reached the Sulsseewli, which indicated our destination. We started looking for a good camping spot and soon found one. It was already almost 17:00 so we started to build up our tents. After that we had some dinner, bread, hot dogs, eggs, sticky rice, and carrots. We also cooked hot tea with some lake water, just before slowly going into our tents, because it got already really cold. We expected a really cold night with temperatures under 10°C. It was also a cloudy night until probably 2 or 3 in the morning, that is when it got really cold, and it was tough for all of us to sleep. We all do not own a great quality sleeping bag that is made for these temperatures. Our sleeping bags have a comfort zone around 12-14°C, that night we were sure out of this comfort zone. After a cold first night, we were all still a little tired. We really enjoyed the warm sun light in the morning. We built down the tents, had some breakfast and hide our stuff under our green tarpaulin. We went to the beautiful mountain lake, we were not the only ones anymore at that time, families and couples were sitting around the lake and enjoying this beautiful view on Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Some even took a quick bath in the ice cold lake. We as well wanted to take a quick swim in the lake, Natt and Tabea made it in until butt height, the guys only with the feet. After coming out of the lake, Tabea suddenly decided to go for another try and made it into the lake completely, watch the video for proof. But the water was freezing cold, like in Verzasca Valley Ticino.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 23.50.07 Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 23.51.03


Later we walked to the SAC Lobhornhütte to have a refreshing drink and eat some housemade cakes. WIth fresh power we hiked up further, with only day backpacks. And we got rewarded with more amazing views onto the Brienzer Lake and more snowy Mountains.

Just Breathtaking. We took a quick jumping photo shoot, just because, why not!? 😉

20160807155752 20160807155838

Already after the almost swim in the lake we have decided to stay another night, it would have been to big of a rush to hike down that day, and it was such amazing weather. Also the second night was expected to be significantly warmer, more in the comfort zone.


Back at our luggage we decided also to stay at the same camp spot, we reset up our tents and cooked a second dinner. Noodle soup and eggs, cucumber and dried pork. Then we had another round of hot tea and went for a better night of sleep. And it was better, more that 10°C. And when we want up at night for a pee walk we saw a beautiful sky full of stars and even some shooting stars.




The next day we woke up took down the tents and packed up our stuff. After taking a last photo on our camp spot we started our hike down. While we were hiking down most of the people were hiking up, so we said a lot of “Grüezi’s” and “Hallo’s”, this is a nice tradition in the Swiss Mountains (maybe anywhere in the mountains, I don’t know), when you meet other hikers you always greet them. 🙂


Back in Sulwald at the cable car station, we had to call down to the guy who takes care of the rides, announce how many people we are and he would start the cable car as soon as we are inside. Quite a cool experience to ride such a cable car.


When we arrived down in Isenfluh we realised that we just missed the Post Auto and had to wait for 2 hours, so we used this chance to have a nice lunch at the Restaurant Waldrand. From Lauterbrunnen we drove 20min to Unterseen and stayed the last night at a Campground Alpenblick. The people there are nice and the bathrooms clean but we did not like that our tent was basically only 30m away from a busy street. So I would not recommend to stay there. Also we hoped to go for a swim in the Thuner Lake but the water was rough and there was no nice way to get into the water without danger of slipping and falling. As it was also quite windy, we all did not go for a swim. We did a nice BBQ in the evening and grilled some marshmallows. On our last day, the weather looked pretty bad, so our plan to go to a rope park or go paragliding fell into the water, literally, that is why we just drove to the town Thun had a last lunch together and then Top and I went back to Basel.


We really enjoyed this trip and we hope you enjoyed the post, the video and all the photos.

We would highly recommend this hike and this area for a wild camping experiences, just make sure you follow the rules, see : WILD CAMPING - SWITZERLAND

If you think wild camping is not for you but you would like to stay on the mountain over night, you can also stay at the SAC Lobhornhütte“>Lobhornhütte.

Feel free to share this with friends & family, if you have any questions write them in the comment section.


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