Top’s parents were able to stay almost for 3 weeks. So we decided to take them on some trips.
First we relaxed a little bit in Basel, after all that wedding “stress”. On Thursday morning we then took a flight to Berlin.
Top has been to Berlin before but Tabea and of course Top’s parents haven’t.
We were quite lucky with the weather there, because meanwhile in Basel it was more or less rainy and cold again.
In the second half of our stay it also got a lot colder but in terms of rain we were very lucky, until the last day.

After Berlin, we took a small break in Basel, while the UEFA Final was happening. Top even managed to get into the stadium to see his favorite Team Liverpool play, but sadly they lost.
The day after this big game we took the train to Lucerne and then Lugano in canton Ticino, south part of Switzerland.

It was nice having Top’s parents here in Switzerland. It is always hard if your child decides to live in an other part of the world. So it was very valuable time spent for both sides.
Top was super happy to be able to show his parents where he used to study and what he likes about Europe and Switzerland, and what not ;-).

We had them staying at our flat after the wedding, our flat is only 1.5 rooms big. So it was also quite a challenge for all of us, but we got to know each other better, which is also not a bad thing. We also learned a lot about differences in our cultures, this is always interesting and makes you think and open your mind again. I try to talk about some of the cultural differences in future posts. 🙂

Enjoy the video! 🙂

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