Pad Thai (Jeab’s recipe)

Everyone who has traveled to Thailand or maybe only visits a local Thai restaurant ones in a while, knows this dish. Pad Thai- fried Noodles Thai Style.

I had no idea how to cook it before my Dad’s wife Jeab taught me. She is Thai and used to have a Thai Take away in the middle of Bangkok. 2012, she and her daughter Bam (my Stepsister) moved to Switzerland. My Family grew bigger :). I love if cultures get mixed up and love to show other people that I am interested in their culture. In Asia the local kitchen or basically FOOD is one of the biggest parts of their every day life. And you need to know- I, Tabea, LOVE FOOD

So I asked Jeab if she would teach me how to cook a authentic Pad Thai, so there we go:

What do you need ( I will order the ingredients into 2 groups, stuff you find at your local market and things you can get at an asian shop)


You can decide between, Pad Thai Gung (Shrimp), Pad Thai Gai (Chicken) or Pad Thai Moo (Pork)- or you mix it all up

Local Market:

  • Peanuts, unsalted
  • Meat or Shrimps (depending on what Pad Thai you want to cook)
  • Garlic
  • Paprika spice
  • Oil
  • Limes
  • Eggs (one per dish)
  • Sugar

Asia Shop:

  • Tofu, the fried one
  • Tamarind Sauce
  • Palm Sugar
  • Chinese Chive
  • Chinese Radish
  • Soy-sauce
  • Rice Noodles 5-10mm
  • Mungo sprouts

Note: Important for a good Pad Thai, each persons dish is cooked separately. Like this the noodles will not stick together and everything stays nice without looking overcooked.


Noodles: Put the rice noodles in cold water about 20min before starting to cook.



Tofu: Deep fry the tofu quickly for a fresh taste. Wash and cut other ingredients.



Tamarind Sauce: Warm up a couple spoons of tamarind sauce in a pot, add some palm sugar and let it dissolve. The tamarind is bitter, with the palm sugar it will get sweetened up. stop adding sugar as soon as it is not too bitter anymore. It should be a perfect mix of sweet and bitter.



1. First you fry the chopped up garlic in oil.

2. Add shrimps or meat.

3. When the meat or shrimps are ready add 1 mixed up egg.

4. Prepare a plate with sprouts, tofu, Chinese chive and Chinese radish.

5. Put the meat and the egg aside.

6. Add a handful of noodle into the pan and add some water.

7. Noodles should be ready fast, add some Paprika spice, Soy-sauce, Sugar and prepared tamarind sauce (1 Table spoon is enough)

8. Bring back the meat/ shrimp, mix and fry everything.

8. Prepare the portion on a plate, add some chopped up peanuts, some more chive, sprouts and a piece of lime.

Note: To serve pad thai you can add some sugar, nuts and chilli/ chilli powder on the side.


You might be used to have exact amounts when reading a recipe, but that is not how it works. You have to get a feeling for the different tastes so you know what more to add. That’s how I was taught. 🙂




Enjoy - Tabea


Share it if you like it and let me know how your Pad Thai turned out or if you have any questions.

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